Friday, February 17, 2023

Phillip Elden Shares His Favorite Adventure Vacation Sites

Phillip Elden

Vacations don’t always have to be relaxing. According to conservationist, mountain climber, and world traveler Phillip Elden, they can be adventurous as well. Today, Elden shares his favorite adventures. 
Skiing In The Alps 
The Swiss Alps offer world-class skiing, and that’s open to just about everyone. However, Phillip Elden being the adventurer he is, prefers to drop in via helicopter. Heli-skiing takes you up to more than 10,000 feet so that you can put your skis onto untouched powder. It’s dangerous and expensive, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that Elden believes all experienced climbers/skiers should have. 

Shark Diving In Australia 
You know what they say about Australia: everything’s out to kill you. While Phillip Elden says that isn’t exactly true, Australia does have a high population of deadly animals, including its apex predator, the great white shark. However, you can dive with these creatures from the safety of a steel cage without being the first course of the evening. 
Hut Hiking In Colorado 
If you’ve ever been in the mountains of Colorado, you may have seen one of the 36 huts spread throughout the Colorado wilderness. The best part is that you can hike to and stay in them, but you will have to make a reservation and be fully prepared to tough it out, as these huts are rustic and do not provide much more than shelter. 
Lava Tours In Hawaii 
If snow hiking isn’t your thing, consider visiting Hawaii. Phillip Elden says eruptions are ongoing, and it’s perfectly safe to view, provided you use the right tour guide. Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park opens up for up to 12-hour guided tours with an expert. 
Phillip Elden says that you don’t have to enjoy any of these exhaustive adventures. But he does recommend getting off the couch and seeing the world. Not only is a vacation a great way to unwind and relax, but seeing things you’ve never seen also gives you a broader view of the world and all who share it with you.