Tuesday, December 20, 2022

More Gifts For The Nature Lover In Your Life | Phillip Elden

Phillip Elden

Phillip Elden recently made a list of his favorite gifts for nature lovers. Today, he continues this list for those looking for a last-minute present to present to the outdoorsy folks on their list. 
Carhartt Beanie 
The Watch hat by Carthartt is one of the most easily recognizable gifts, and it’s also the most practical. For around $20 online or your local sporting goods store, you can keep your friends stylish, warm, and happy as they adventure outdoors. 
Portable Hammock 
There are few things more relaxing to Phillip Elden than sleeping under the stars suspended in your very own cocoon. A portable camping hammock is the ideal gift for those who like to stay out overnight. Starting at around $20 online, camping hammocks are extremely lightweight and can be strung between two sturdy trees anywhere in the world. 

A Mess Kit 
You gotta eat while you’re out camping, and a small mess kit is the best way to help the cook/camper on your list prepare a healthy and delicious meal on the trail or at the campsite. Look for a mess kit that contains everything they need and that stores into itself. 
For those that like to bird watch, binoculars can’t be beat. Phillip Elden explains that anyone that likes to view wildlife from a safe and comfortable distance might appreciate a set of binoculars under the tree. 
Hiking Boots 
Show your gift recipient you care with a pair of waterproof hiking boots. While Columbia is usually the top brand, there are plenty of other hiking boots out there that are affordable and appreciated gifts. Phillip Elden does caution you to keep the receipt in case your thoughtful gift doesn’t fit. 
Leaf-Shaped Pillows 
For those who love nature but don’t want to actually spend time outdoors, Phillip Elden suggests pillows that look like fall leaves. These can be handmade or purchased at an online boutique.