Thursday, October 14, 2021

Phillip Elden: What Is Environmental Conservation

Phillip Elden

As humans, we share a large ecosystem with other animals, plants, and insects. But, according to Phillip Elden, it is humans that both destroy and must conserve the planet on which we live. 
Phillip Elden explains that environmental conservation is crucial to all life. There are several reasons for this, including to reduce pollution and preserve natural resources as well as to ensure the continued propagation of global biodiversity. It is also our job to protect Earth from the already evident repercussions of global warming. 

Environmental conservation is not one act. Instead, Phillip Elden explains that it is the culmination of multiple processes. Soil management is one example. If humans do not protect the soil, then the land will suffer through erosion, degradation, and widespread flooding. This can reduce the number of vital nutrients in the soil, which are needed for healthy agricultural production. 
Another crucial aspect of environmental conservation is waste management. This is the process of reducing the number of harmful byproducts – manufacturing, food waste, etc. – that make its way into our land and water. 
Phillip Elden also explains that pollution control, which means reducing toxicity in the air and water, is also important. Those who practice pollution control might work to advocate against pesticides and unnecessary fertilizers. 
Phillip Elden says that it is up to all people to take environmental conservation seriously. He explained that even those outside of the realm of science can do their part by recycling and working to use sustainable products. A few quick tips that Phillip Elden offers for the general public include walking, when possible, and investing in energy-efficient appliances.