Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Phillip Elden | Bringing The Summer Indoors This Winter

Phillip Elden

If the humdrum of winter has you down, never fear. Phillip Elden explains that you don’t have to let a colorless landscape drain the light from your life. It is entirely possible to grow your own garden indoors this winter and enjoy a bit of summer no matter the season. 
Phillip Elden notes that there are many flowers that will grow indoors well. First, you must find bulbs to plant. Next, find a large container and fill it with potting soil or, depending on what you are planting, small pebbles. Once planted, allow the bulbs to remain at approximately 40°F for 12 weeks. This does mean, however, that you will need to begin your bulbs in late summer or early fall to enjoy a winter garden.
After approximately three months in a dark, cool area, Phillip Elden says it’s time to bring the bulbs into the light. Sunlight triggers photosynthesis, which is a process required by all foliage to help it grow. 
Best flowers for indoors 
According to Phillip Elden, many flowers grow well indoors. But, some linger through the cold winter months indoors better than others. Christmas cacti are a great example. Although they look exotic, these beautiful flowering plants don’t mind an indoor environment and will bloom at least twice each year in bright, indirect light. 
The orchid is another flower that doesn’t mind missing a breeze. Phillip Elden notes that orchids, while looking extremely delicate, are not particularly fragile. A single plant can live for several years with proper care and, like the Christmas cacti, prefer indirect light. 
Other options are the African violets, poinsettia, hibiscus, and peace lily. Phillip Elden says no matter what you choose, do your research and take care of them with a little TLC.