Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Phillip Elden on Underground Animals

Phillip Elden
Much focus has been put on conserving lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains.But Phillip Elden says these efforts must also extend underground. Keep reading as the Oregon-based conservation specialist digs deep for animals that live underground.


The earthworm is perhaps the best known ground-dwelling creature in existence. Although there are numerous species of earthworm, they all live primarily underground in moist soil with plenty of decaying vegetation. Earthworms are best found in the shade of forest canopy, especially in warm climates, says Phillip Elden. However, they are also in abundance near freshwater sources and can live their entire life underground.


According to Phillip Elden, the armadillo is one of the most interesting small mammals you may never get to see. While abundant anin population in the Southwest United States, armadillos spend the vast majority of their lives building borrows in warm, moist soil where they feed and breed almost constantly.


There are only two places on earth were moles are not abundance – South America and Antarctica. Moles typically make their home in soft soils and Phillip Elden says their presence can be felt by simply taking a stroll across the lawn, where their tunnels create dips and divots in the land. Moles are interesting because their underground burrows are divided into separate rooms.


Likes the earthworm, ants are insects that live their life underground. Phillip Elden explains that ants evolved from the same group of creatures as wasps and, as a species, have survived for more than 140 million years. Ants build vast colonies underground are also known for having human-like governing systems and solving complex problems.