Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Phillip Elden on the Oregon Community Foundation Grants

Phillip Elden
Oregon native and community leader Phillip Elden shares information about a recent project from the Oregon Community Foundation that benefited organizations and groups throughout the state. A major advocate for arts and culture programs, Elden believes this new endeavor could improve the quality of life for all residents of Oregon.

Q: How has the Oregon Community Foundation provided assistance for programs statewide?

Phillip Elden: The Oregon Community Foundation is presenting a series of grants in the amount of $3.1 million to nonprofits in the metro Portland area. Additionally, the Foundation plans to share $7.6 million worth of grants for statewide groups and organizations. The grants include Small Arts and Culture grants.

Q: How many arts and culture nonprofits are currently based in the state of Oregon?

Phillip Elden: Nearly 1,500 nonprofits are registered at this time, with a majority of them maintaining budgets under $100,000. Unfortunately, these groups and organizations are not eligible for most grant programs that would help them to provide greater assistance to their local communities.

Q: Who are the recipients of the Small Arts and Culture grants?

Phillip Elden: Recipients of the Small Arts and Culture grants include Choral Arts Ensemble, Conduit Dance Inc., Hood River Cultural Trust, Stages Performing Arts Youth Academy, Well Arts Institute, Oregon Community Foundation, I Have a Dream Foundation, Latino Network and Open Meadow Alternative Schools.

Q: Which nonprofits in the Portland area have been awarded money through this initiative?

Phillip Elden: In all, 175 grants were given with a total of $3.1 million awarded. The nonprofits included Birch Community Services, Cedar Sinai Park, Children’s Center of Oregon City, Food Waves, Friends of Tyron Creek State Park, Growing Gardens, Healing Hunter Foundation, Native American Youth and Family Center, Troutdale Historic Society and Sonrise Baptist Church.


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